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my work

My work has been nominated in several festivals and won for best original screenplay.
I currently shopping several scripts with interest from production companies & a Hollywood star (can't say who - yet!).

writer + producer

I've also produced plays that have debuted off-Broadway in NYC. I am a one stop shop when it comes to writing, directing, & producing.


I am repped by Engage Artists Agency.  Please contact us for writing samples.

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short film

How to Cash in your Life Insurance Policy in 30 Days

A wannabe comedienne fed up with her nagging family, dead end job, and zero romantic interest decides to end it all, but can she muster up the courage?

short film

Love in the Matrix

A couple is forced to face reality when their mobile devices run out of battery.

fortune teller.jpg

short film

77 Prosperity Lane

A young-ish twenty (thirty) something chick must raise funds to afford her impossibly expensive NY rent and comes up with quirky ways to do it...

Explainer     video


Introducing - Aperon. The hospitality app designed to maximize profits for your vacation rental. Aperon is both easy to use and convenient.

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