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I was born to Haitian parents in Texas and attended an International IB school (I know, fancy, right?). After high school, I packed my bags and moved across the pond to London where I studied Communications and Sociology at yes, another international school. After graduation my folks wanted me to do the responsible thing and get a "real job".

I did get one. And another one after that. Then, I came back to the states and got another three more. Then I decided f*ck it. I'm gonna do, what I want to do. And here we are...still waiting to see how well that’s turning out.

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TJ Maxx | Motley Fool | Chase Sapphire Card | Cerebral | Carhshield | Slomin's Shield

NYC Psychiatric Institute | General Assembly | PWC | Bayer Pharmaceuticals |

ID Discovery | PBS | TV One | A&E | Travel Channel actress

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